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Luxor temple

Luxor temple
One of the largest ancient Egyptian temples,
The temple is located in the governorate of Luxor on the eastern bank of the Nile River, known today as the ancient Taiba, was founded in 1400 BC, was built Luxor Temple to worship Amun-Re and his wife Mut and their son Khonsu.

The Egyptians called this temple “Apt Rust” which may mean the southern harem (where the death of the wife of Amun) or the southern cabin, and the entrance to the Temple of Luxor is the first tower with a height of 24 meters or 79 feet

Built by Ramses II, the tower was decorated with scenes of Ramses’ military victories, notably the Battle of Kadesh; the family’s 25 victories, the Nubian dynasty, were also recorded.
Monuments of Luxor Temple include the Sphinx, the obelisks of the temple, the monument of Ramses II, the districts of Tuthmosis the Third, and the courtyard of the Fourteen Cylinders.

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